Aptis Grammar and Vocabulary

Grammar and Vocabulary section of the test which is a compulsory section of the test has 25 questions each with the total time limit of 25 minutes for this section.

The section consists of two parts: Grammer(25 Questions) and Vocabulary Section (25 Questions).


Grammar and vocabulary section is scored based on a correct or incorrect answer. You are assigned 1 marks for a correct answer and zero for the incorrect or no attempt.

The total time allocated for Grammar and Vocabulary section is 25 minutes

Type of Questions:

Synonym matching: You have to match the given word with the closest Synonym available.

Meaning in context: You have to complete the sentence by selecting the best word that fits the blank space. 

Definition matching: You have to choose the word that closely matches the definition presented in the question.  

Collocation matching: You have to select the word that complements the word in the question and is mostly used together in a sentence.